Our container is on the dock and people are waiting...

As many of you know, I recently returned from a humanitarian trip to Liberia. The purpose of my trip was to distribute all of the humanitarian donations which are badly needed. The container with the contents was shipped and is currently at the Port of Monrovia. The items in the container are to help Women and children of war-torn Liberia. Unfortunately, there is corruption in the Liberian government that has found its way in to making this a very difficult process.

During my travel I had taken additional funds and donations with your generous support to help during this mission to pay off people along the way. At this time, once again I would like to thank you for your continuous generous support.

Once I arrived there, things were even worse than expected. The corruption I encountered was more blatant and out in the open than even I was prepared for.

During the month and four days of my time spent there, the hard work and sweat day after day, night after night, and long hours. This became a very exhausting and frustrating time for me. And while many tasks were successfully completed, the shipping container and all of its contents are still being held by the government officials. You might ask yourselves “Why”? This is because the Government of Liberia is not allowing NGO’s /Nonprofits to import certain items without imposing outrageous fees and taxes. Initially, I was given a document requesting one amount, then another amount each time I went to another department in the finance ministry. Imagine how frustrating the constant back and forth coming and going nonstop this became, to the point of total frustration.

But that’s not all. Our container is also accruing $55.34 in extra fees for every day it sits in the port. As of May 24, 2024 the total due is $225219.39 and every day the bill grows!!

I’m writing today with every ounce of my being that exist in this ongoing struggle asking for a generous amount of whatever donations you can contribute to this cause that would help us, so we can pay these unexpected outrageous fees that we were unaware of so that we can get the items in our container to the people who so desperately need them!! We have to act now to Stop! the Liberian government from auctioning off the items in our container for their own profit and gain.